Agile Coach and Certified Consultant

I am an Agile coach, a Scrum educator, a Project Management instructor, a Certified Technical and Professional Consultant, and an Entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in technical product delivery, Information Technology, web systems, mobile, and Internet-related applications with a unique background combining Agile teams building, solutions architect, product delivery, business and client support services. I have helped and trained corporate leaders, department managers, and enterprise teams to build a “high-value and customer-centric organization”!

Bakhtnia Technical & Professional Consulting Services

I have hands-on experience in building teams to deliver complex and multi-tiered software systems such as:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS);
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS);
  • e-Commerce;
  • Customer Relationship Management System (over 10 CRM projects since 2003);
  • Enterprise Resource Planning System (3 integrated ERPS systems since 2008);
  • Human Resources Information System (first HRIS developed in 1999);
  • Web solutions (over 400 websites and web-apps);
  • Integrated e-Solution applications (led development of an integrated CRMS-ERPS-HRIS and invoicing system);
  • Technical and Business portfolio management (over 4,000 hrs of documented project management);
  • Brand/e-Marketing campaigns (over 20 projects since 2008);
  • Online sales lead generation (400% ROI since 2006);
  • Clients management;
  • Business development.

I am also a:

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