Certified Professional Technical Consultant

I have over 25 years of experience in Information Technology, web systems, mobile, and Internet-related applications with a unique background combining Agile team building, solution architect, product delivery, business, and client support services. I have helped and trained corporate leaders, department managers, and teams to build a “high-value and customer-centric organization”!

I have hands-on experience in building teams to deliver complex and multi-tiered software systems (SaaS, PaaS, e-Commerce, CRMS, ERPS, HRIS, web, and mobile),  integrated e-Solution applications, as well as Technical and Business portfolio management, brand/e-Marketing and online sales leads generation.

  • Community Building
    Leading creating a community of Agile & Scaled Value Project Management
  • Consultant
    Coaching teams of cross-functional professionals to deliver products using Scrum@Scale and SAFe frameworks
  • Agile/PM Instructor
    PPMT certification courses UCSC, MS courses Northeastern University, & public classes in Agile frameworks as well as project/product management courses
  • Certified Scrum Practitioner
  • Agile Community Builder
  • Custom-Training
    IT/web apps, CMS, SaaS, PaaS, etc.
  • Clients management
  • Business development
  • e-Marketing/Leads Generation