Agile Coaching & Training

All project types are welcome!

I have over 40,000 hours of documented Technical Project and Program Management (TPPM) experience. Through my teaching and training at TPPM, I have access to a network of expert PPMs across North America (and overseas!). No matter what the size of the project, I will stand behind my commitment to oversee all. My team of experienced TPPMs stands behind all of our agreed services.

Since 2010 I have been an Agile coach, developed and presented hundreds of various Agile workshops and training classes. My workshops range from an introduction to Agile frameworks to various Scrum of Scrum and Scrum@Scale. I have held private and public classes, trained (and co-trained) Scaled Agile and PMI certification workshops with success rates of 95% and up! I developed materials for my workshops, training, and educational classes.

Bakhtnia Coaching & Training

Some of my classes include (but not limited to):

  • Introduction to Agile for Professionals
  • Agile Frameworks for Managers
  • Agile Frameworks for Professional
  • Agile Leadership at Startups
  • Introduction to Scrum (combined Scrum for SMs and POs)
  • Building and Leading Scrum of Scrum
  • Scaled Agile for Leaders
  • Managing New Product Development
  • Agile Product Lifecycle Management
  • Project Scope and Deliverables Management
  • Project Schedule Optimization
  • Project Risk Management
  • Large-Scale Program Stakeholder Management
  • Managing International Complex Projects
  • Hybrid Frameworks for Managers

Other technical workshops and training courses that I have developed include Content Management System, Web Application Development, Building/Managing Customer Relationship Management Systems, etc.

I have helped managers and teams to set and achieve their goals of creating the next generation leadership and Agile organization!

Contact us to assess your current systems and devise a plan to achieve your desired technical and business environment.