Agile Coaching & Training

All project types are welcome!

I have over 40,000 hours of documented Technical Project and Program Management (TPPM) experience. Through my teaching and training at TPPM, I have access to a network of expert PPMs across North America (and overseas!). Regardless of the size of the project, my team of experienced TPPMs and I stands behind all our commitments.

As an Agile coach since 2010, I have presented hundreds of various Agile workshops and training classes. My workshops in Scaled Agile and PMI certification have success rates of 95% and above! I developed materials for my workshops, training, and educational classes.

Bakhtnia Coaching & Training

Some of my classes include (but not limited to):

  • Introduction to Agile for Professionals; (a class is set for Sept. 10 on SVAgile)
  • Agile Frameworks for Managers;
  • Agile Frameworks for Professional;
  • Agile Leadership at Startups;
  • Introduction to Scrum (combined Scrum for SMs and POs); (a¬†class is set for October 2022 on SVAgile)
  • Building and Leading Scrum of Scrum;
  • Scaled Agile for Leaders;
  • Managing New Product Development;
  • Agile Product Lifecycle Management;
  • Project Scope and Deliverables Management;
  • Project Schedule Optimization;
  • Project Risk Management;
  • Large-Scale Program Stakeholder Management;
  • Managing International Complex Projects;
  • Hybrid Frameworks for Managers.

Other technical workshops and training courses I have developed include:

    • Content Management System;
    • Web Application Development;
    • Building/Managing Customer Relationship Management Systems.


I have helped managers and teams to set and achieve their goals of creating the next generation leadership and Agile organization!

Contact us to assess your current systems and devise a plan to achieve your desired technical and business environment.